5 Love Languages for Kids 

little boy hugging his mom

Did you know that the 5 Love Languages are for kids too and not just for your marriage? And every single person, including children, has a primary love language! Not sure what the five love languages are? The five love languages are quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, and acts of service. In […]

Easy DIY Organic Foaming Hand Soap

hand pressing down on foaming soap dispenser

If you are interested in switching to a non-toxic hand soap, this easy, DIY organic foaming hand soap is the perfect way to switch to a healthier option! This foaming hand soap is made with organic castile soap and water, and if desired, you can also add essential oils to scent the soap. All you […]

Non-Toxic Kids Clothing (What We Use!)

non toxic kids clothes stocked all together

With today’s clothing being covered in fire retardants, pesticides, and chemicals, having non-toxic kids clothing is essential to helping protect your precious kid’s skin!  I really didn’t pay much attention to the clothing our family wore until our daughter broke out in a skin rash earlier this year.  Reading up on skin rashes and eczema, […]

Healthy Shelf-Stable Foods (Part 2)

healthy organic spice shelf

Are you trying to figure out what healthy shelf-stable foods you can stock your pantry with? I’m giving you a sneak peek into my pantry to see what healthy, shelf-stable foods we keep on hand! The goal is to stock up on foods that will nourish us and promote health and healing in the body. […]

Healthy Shelf-Stable Foods (Part 1)

pantry shelf full of healthy shelf stable food

Are you trying to figure out what healthy shelf-stable foods you can stock your pantry with? When you are changing your diet to a more whole foods diet, you might be wondering what foods you can stock up on during sales or pandemics like we are going through right now. Let me tell you, there […]

Practical Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

couple feeding pizza-5 love languages ideas

Are you struggling to think of practical ideas for utilizing the 5 love languages to maximize the love your significant other receives from you? Read here for ideas! Sometimes we need a little bit of help when thinking of ways to fill up our spouse’s love tank in one of their 5 love languages. Don’t […]

How to Make a Meal Plan (large scale!)

graph paper saying what are we going to eat

Do you know how to make a meal plan and use it to efficiently grocery shop? How about for longer periods of time? I’m not talking just for a week. Do you think you could go to the store this weekend and buy everything your family would need for 1 month? 2 months? If not, […]

Date Night Conversation Ideas

couple in coffee shop - date night conversation ideas

Whether you are meeting someone for your third date or you have been married for 50 years, it can be helpful to have new date night conversation ideas.  I find that sometimes my husband and I can get into conversation “ruts”. We find ourselves talking about the same things constantly or sitting in silence. If […]

Your Marriage Needs the 5 Love Languages

man kissing womans check

Did you know that you could be showing love to your spouse in ways they don’t even care about? Knowing the 5 love languages is a marriage game changer! If you have never heard of the 5 love languages, the basic concept is that everyone has a primary way that they like to receive and […]

5 Love Languages Check-In

couple walking in europe

It’s important to take 10 minutes every week and do a 5 love languages check-in to make sure your spouses love tank is being filled! And you just have to ask one question! One? Just ONE! This one question alone has radically changed our marriage! By asking this question once a week, you can make […]