Practical Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

couple feeding pizza-5 love languages ideas

Are you struggling to think of practical ideas for utilizing the 5 love languages to maximize the love your significant other receives from you? Read here for ideas! Sometimes we need a little bit of help when thinking of ways to fill up our spouse’s love tank in one of their 5 love languages. Don’t […]

Date Night Conversation Ideas

couple in coffee shop - date night conversation ideas

Whether you are meeting someone for your third date or you have been married for 50 years, it can be helpful to have new date night conversation ideas.  I find that sometimes my husband and I can get into conversation “ruts”. We find ourselves talking about the same things constantly or sitting in silence. If […]

Your Marriage Needs the 5 Love Languages

man kissing womans check

Did you know that you could be showing love to your spouse in ways they don’t even care about? Knowing the 5 love languages is a marriage game changer! If you have never heard of the 5 love languages, the basic concept is that everyone has a primary way that they like to receive and […]