Practical Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

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Are you struggling to think of practical ideas for utilizing the 5 love languages to maximize the love your significant other receives from you? Read here for ideas!

Sometimes we need a little bit of help when thinking of ways to fill up our spouse’s love tank in one of their 5 love languages.

Don’t know what the 5 love languages are?

Check out this article I wrote to learn about the 5 love languages and also use the link provided within to take the test yourself in order to discover your primary love language! 

I want to give you some practical ways to fill your spouse’s love tank for each area. 

Start with some of your own ideas and then make sure to do a 5 love languages check-in to see if what you are doing is in fact filling their love tank. 

Don’t waste your time continuing to do things that are taxing to you and aren’t filling up their love tank. 

In my opinion, I would rather do something I really, really don’t like to do that maximizes the fill up on my husband’s love tank than do 10 things that I don’t mind doing that only put a drop in his love tank. 

So let’s jump in with some ideas on how to show your spouse love in each area! 

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Practical Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

Quality Time 

  • Go on a bike ride together
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood 
  • Go shopping together
  • Play a game just the two of you 
  • Make dinner together 
  • Plan a vacation or weekend getaway for just the two of you
  • Go to a concert
  • Work together on a home improvement project 
  • Find a hobby that you both find enjoyable and do it together 
  • Go camping or even go to a park and hike together 
  • Visit a museum
  • Workout together
  • Go to the zoo
  • Do an escape room just the two of you (yes it is possible!) 
  • Snuggle together on the couch or go for a drive through the countryside together and talk about one of these conversation starters 
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Physical Touch 

  • Just gonna get the obvious one out there – for married folks, sexual intimacy 
  • Hold your spouse’s hand in the car or while out in public 
  • Massage your spouse’s feet or back 
  • Get a couple’s massage
  • Cuddle together on the couch or in bed 
  • Long hugs once you are both home from work 
  • Tell your spouse that you find them sexy/desirable 
  • Take dance lessons together (and also get quality time together!)
  • If you can’t physically be together, try sending a text or bitmoji telling them that you miss their embrace or that you miss being together 
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Words of Affirmation 

  • Write an encouraging note/card to slip into their work bag in the morning before they leave so that they will find it once they get to work 
  • Compliment your spouse in front of others 
  • Brag about your spouse to your friends when your spouse can overhear you 
  • Text your spouse in the middle of the work day to see how their day is going 
  • If your spouse has been working out, tell them you can see changes in their muscle tone or that they’ve lost weight (if appropriate)
  • Show your spouse appreciation for something they’ve done for you 
  • Acknowledge all of your spouse’s hard work around the house 
  • When the situation is right, use one of these phrases: 
    • “That was a really smart idea to…” 
    • “You handled X really well” 
    • “I’m so proud of you for X” 
    • “You are such a great mom/dad” 
    • “You are the best wife/husband in the world” 
    • “There’s no one else in the world I would rather be married to” 
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  • Pick up flowers on your way home or have them delivered to your spouse’s workplace 
  • Buy something for a hobby they enjoy, such as a board game if you enjoy playing games, or yarn if they enjoy knitting 
  • Bake/cook (or buy) them one of their favorite foods 
  • Take them out to one of their favorite restaurants 
  • Pre-plan a date night doing one of their favorite activities such as going to a movie they’ve been wanting to see, seeing a sporting event for their favorite team, or going bowling together 
  • If your spouse enjoys finding things that they like themselves
    • Give them permission or even encourage them to spend some money on themselves
    • Surprise them and buy them something that they’ve been wanting 
    • Take them shopping to buy something (and get quality time together too!)
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Acts of Service 

  • Vacuum the carpet 
  • Tidy up the house before your spouse gets home so everything looks organized and in place 
  • Wash the dishes and take care of other meal clean up 
  • Make dinner 
  • Do the laundry 
  • Mop the floor 
  • Clean all the toothpaste spit off the mirrors 
  • Clean the toilet 
  • Take out the trash 
  • Mow the grass 
  • For parents:
    • Call dibs on changing the next poopy diaper 
    • Volunteer to take the kids to the park so your spouse can get some things done without interruptions
    • Take care of putting the kids to bed so your spouse gets some quiet time

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These lists are not exhaustive by any means!

Take a minute to think through some practical ideas of how you can show your significant other love in each of the 5 love language areas this week! 

Have other suggestions on what we can do in one of these areas?

Leave a comment below with your ideas! 

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