How You Can Choose Thankfulness

Thankful and Blessed Sign

Are you wondering how you can show thankfulness this holiday season despite your circumstances? I know 2020 has been very difficult for a lot of people across the globe. Many people have lost jobs, know someone battling a health issue, or are struggling financially. Some people are fearful for their health due to COVID-19. Or […]

3 Ways Satan Deceives Us

black background with red apple half showing

Did you know that there are 3 main ways that Satan deceives us? He has used them since the beginning of time. You see, Satan doesn’t change his tactics. Why? Because we all continue to fall for the same tricks! Satan doesn’t have to change his strategy when humans continue to be deceived by the […]

God Loves You (in Spite of Your Mess!)

Have you ever wondered if God loves you? Or do you wonder if some of the mistakes you have made are “so bad” that God “can’t stand” you? Perhaps you look around and think that everyone else has it all together, but your life is a disaster. First off, let me reassure you that we […]

How to Pray for Someone with Health Issues

what to pray for someone with health issues

It seems like we all know someone who is battling a health issue, whether it’s a cancer diagnosis or depression, and sometimes it’s hard to know how to pray for someone with health issues.  It’s even harder to know how to pray for someone who has an undetermined diagnosis.  Maybe you know someone who has terrible symptoms, […]

How to Pray for the Armor of God

breastplate of armor

Knowing how to pray for the armor of God to be alive and active in your life is critical when you are experiencing spiritual warfare.  The armor of God is not just some pretty metaphor, but is real, spiritual armor from God Himself that He has given to you for spiritual battle.   Spiritual battle you say? What […]