No-Bake Cookies {keto, paleo, vegan}

side view of no bake cookies stacked on white plate

If you are looking for a simple and sweet treat that has few ingredients and is fast to make, then try out these no-bake cookies which are a healthy, no fuss dessert! These no-bake cookies are sugar-free, gluten-free, and can be dairy-free as well! I love having no-bake cookies on hand in the freezer because […]

Apple Butter {keto, paleo, AIP, vegan}

Apple butter in glass jar with knife sticking out the top

Did you know that apple butter is actually very easy to make? You have got to try making your own delectable apple butter to enjoy this fall! And even better is that it can be made with a variety of apple types through several different cooking methods. In this post, I have included directions for […]

Pumpkin Pie Truffles {paleo, vegan, AIP option}

pumpkin pie truffles cut in half

Pumpkin pie truffles are the perfect fall appetizer, snack, or dessert. I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but today we had our first day of cool, crisp weather – hello fall! What a refreshing relief from the heat and humidity we have been experiencing lately. There’s no better start to crisp […]

Apple Pie Bars {keto, paleo, AIP, vegan}

Pan of Apple Pie Bars

There’s no better start to fall than with these apple pie bars! These sugar-free, gluten-free apple pie bars are a fun twist on a classic apple pie. And for those of you who aren’t a big fan of the crust, these bars also give you more filling-to-crust ratio! Take advantage of apples being on sale […]

Chocolate Avocado Pudding {keto, paleo, AIP, vegan}

spoon holding chocolate avocado pudding

Chocolate avocado protein pudding is an easy way to get healthy fats and protein into your family’s diet! You can also enjoy this dessert guilt free! The other thing I love about chocolate avocado pudding is that it is incredibly fast and easy to whip up! So grab your blender and let’s make a healthy […]

Easy Homemade Whipped Cream {keto, paleo, AIP, vegan}

small glass bowl with swirled homemade cool whip

With just 3-ingredients and 5 minutes, you can avoid buying the overly processed whipped cream at the store and enjoy fresh, easy, homemade whipped cream! Honestly, it’s so simple to make, I’m not sure why anyone buys the fake, chemical laden, cool whip from the store. I mean have you seen the ingredient list? If […]

Pumpkin Pie Trifle {keto, paleo}

top view of pumpkin pie trifle

Mix up your Thanksgiving dessert table and impress your guests with this pumpkin pie trifle! Layers of angel food cake, pumpkin pie pudding, and homemade whipped cream make up this delightful dessert. I understand holding to traditions, trust me. Our family emails for the holidays say something to the effect of “reply all with how […]

Pumpkin Pie Pudding {keto, vegan, paleo option}

Small jars of pumpkin pie pudding topped with homemade cool whip

Pumpkin pie pudding is a great way to usher in fall! Enjoy all the delicious pumpkin pie flavor with none of the work of making a pie! Sometimes it’s nice to have an easy to throw together dessert that tastes fancy, but you know it only took you 5 minutes to whip up in the […]

Red Velvet Torte {keto, paleo}

overhead view of torte and two plates with slices of red velvet torte

If you are looking for an elegant dessert to serve for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other event, make this decadent red velvet torte! Can you guess where this beautiful red colored dessert gets it’s red color from? Food coloring you ask? Nope! From what then? Beets! I know you are probably thinking I have lost […]

Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream {keto}

Chocolate might be my greatest weakness when it comes to food. There’s something so rich and fabulous about chocolate that I can’t resist. Keto ice creams that crystallize and don’t scoop well make me want to cry, no joke – it’s like the worst trick you could play on me. When it comes to chocolate […]