100+ Gifts for Him

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Are you looking for the ultimate list of gifts for him this Christmas season?

Let me share our family favorites with you!

Shopping for the important men in your life can be hard.

Normally when you ask a guy what he wants for his birthday or for Christmas, he doesn’t always have a lot of ideas.

So what do you do?

Sometimes scrolling through gift guides helps jog my brain to think of the perfect gifts!

Use this list of gifts for him to help you find the perfect gift for a man in your life this Christmas season!

How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Him

A lot of times, it’s easiest to find gifts for someone by thinking of the hobbies they love or the things they spend their time doing.

And when trying to improve your lifestyle and move to a more non-toxic way of living, it opens up new areas that you could branch into that might result in gifts they love that also improves their health!

Now that’s what I call a win-win!

So let’s talk through some of the more common gift categories for men as well as some unique gift categories that you could explore!

For each category, let me offer you a few suggestions of what the perfect gifts might be.

And if one of the categories stands out as a great fit and you don’t want to scroll through the whole list, feel free to click on one of the categories to jump right to that section!

Gifts for Him Categories

Hopefully one of these categories will resonate with the man you are trying to find gifts for!

Keep in mind that since our site is about wholesome living, the focus will be on non-toxic gifts (when applicable).

I will also focus on products that my husband loves or products that we personally use when possible.

For example, my husband isn’t a big sports fan so we haven’t personally used any of those items, but we have bought some of them as gifts for other family members!

So let’s jump in and look at some great ideas for birthday or holiday gifts for him!

Outdoorsman Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him to Enjoy the Outdoors

Does the man you are thinking of love hiking, biking, canoeing, or just being out in nature?

Being outdoors is great for your health and is a key component of non-toxic living.

When you are outside, especially in nature, you are breathing much cleaner air.

You also have the chance to get some vitamin D from the sun (but remember to avoid sunburns!) and if you take your shoes off for a bit, you can also get in some time “grounding”.

Our family spends a lot of time outdoors doing yard work, going to the playground, and hiking!

These are some of the essentials that we love that might also make great gifts!

Merrell Men's Mid Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

If you are looking for a great all purpose outdoor shoe, my husband loves his Merrell hiking boots! Merrell offers a mid height hiking boot which gives some ankle support without being a full on boot, making it easier to wear these around a campsite or even working outside in your yard. These boots are also waterproof which is a big plus for us since we love hiking in all kinds of weather and on all kinds of trails!

Halo Headband Gift Idea for Him

Halo Headband

Halo bands do a really good job keeping the sweat out of your eyes, making them great for any outdoor activity. We have discovered that we love them for yard work too! Halo brand also sells a great Solar Sun Protective Cap that my husband uses to protect his neck since he tends to burn there easily.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Gift Idea for Him

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We LOVE our double walled, stainless steel water bottles! They keep your drinks cold for so much longer on a hot day! One of our favorite brands is Hydroflask, but there are lots of options out there so watch for good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals!

Rain Jacket Gift for Him Idea

Rain Jacket

We have been caught off guard with rain many a time. Packing a light rain jacket for any outdoor activities is a great way to be prepared for anything! My husband loves his Columbia jacket, but again, there are tons of brands so shop around for a good deal!

Hiking Backpack Gifts for Him Idea

Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

Having a lightweight hiking backpack is a great way to keep a few essentials on hand like water and snacks! While we don’t personally own this brand (we have Camelback’s), this highly rated Amazon choice has a rating of 4.6 stars with over 10,000 reviews!

Pocket Knife Gifts for Him Idea

Pocket Knife

My husband always has a small pocket knife on him and it has come in handy soooo many times! His favorite brand is the Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt since it’s small enough that it easily fits in your pocket and the blade is rust resistant.

Headlamp Gifts for Him Idea


Headlamps are SO convenient! We use ours not only for the outdoors, but even for cutting our toddler’s fingernails at night! My husband loves this Foxelli headlamp which has a wide beam and is easy to tilt. This headlamp is also waterproof and has 45 hours of run-time.

Carabiner Gifts for Him Idea


I can’t even believe how many times my husband has whipped out a carabiner to help carry something on his cargo shorts. It’s such a lightweight tool with so many uses. This helps him carry extra water bottles, bags, and even clip up wet water shoes! We have also purchased these carabiner’s for our basement workout area (more on that below).

Organic Socks Gifts for Him Idea

Organic Socks

A great pair of hiking socks is a must – why not try a natural, organic pair! I personally have 3 pairs of these Maggie’s Organic cotton socks and love them! You can also find hiking socks made of organic wool as well as blends of hemp and organic cotton socks.

Water Shoes Gifts for Him Idea

Water Shoes

And for anyone that lives near or frequents a beach, river, or lake, we highly recommend these water shoes from Mishansha! My husband and I both have a pair of these shoes and we LOVE them for trips to Florida. They really come in handy when you are hiking or kayaking since you can jump right in to the water with them!

Survivalist Gifts For Him

Gift Ideas for the Survivalist

Does the man that you are shopping for love to be prepared for the worst of the worst?

I know that during the pandemic this year, we have certainly bought some extra supplies “just in case.”

For example, we bought a generator to make sure we wouldn’t lose the food in our fridge and freezer.

I mean when store shelves are empty, what would you stock up on if you lost everything in a power outage?

If the guy you need gifts for loves being prepared, perhaps he would appreciate one of these survivalist gifts!

Lifestraw Gifts for Him Idea


You might be surprised to hear that our family has one of these, not only for a survivalist situation (which is what most people know LifeStraw is for), but also for traveling. Most public drinking water is really not that safe for drinking, so when we are away from our RO (Reverse Osmosis) water system at home, we put our LifeStraw in one of our Hydroflask stainless steel water bottles.

Swiss Army Knife Gifts for Him Idea

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife is a convenient survival tool that has a variety of options all folded up into one. My husband has a Victorinox which is one of the most popular brands, but there are other options available as well!

Multitool Gifts for Him Idea


I know, I know. This looks very similar to the swiss army knife above, but my husband assures me that they are different and everyone should have at least one of both 😉 He loves his Leatherman Juice S2, but it is no longer sold. Instead, check out this titanium Leatherman Charge Plus with 19 tools in 1!

Flashlight as a Gifts for Him Idea


For a very bright (1000 lumens) and easy to use flashlight, my husband loves his Streamlight HLX. With low, high, and strobe modes, this is a great hiking/camping/travel option. A big plus is the rechargeable battery, but you can also use two CR123A lithium batteries.

First Aid Kit as a Gifts for Him Idea

First Aid Kit

Anytime we leave home, we carry some type of first aid kit with us (I even have a small one in our diaper bag!). If you are looking for the best first aid kit out there, look no further than this First Aid Only kit which is the number 1 best seller on Amazon. We personally don’t have this brand, as my husband bought individual pieces to build our own first aid kits, but if you are looking for the convenience of buying it all in a “one stop shop”, this looks to be a highly rated first aid kit!

Generator as a Gifts for Him Idea

Portable Generator

If you are looking for an amazingly quiet generator to power some home essentials in emergency situations, an invertor generator like this Westinghouse iGen2200 generator is great! We personally have this generator, and while we haven’t needed it for any emergencies yet, my husband has run it a couple of times and you can barely hear it when it runs on our back patio! My husband’s tip is to make sure you buy the right size generator for what you would want to keep running during an outage!

Survival Garden Gifts for Him Idea

Survival Garden Seeds

For those who REALLY want to be prepared for extreme situations, perhaps a survival garden kit would be the right gift! This Open Seed Vault comes with 15,000 heirloom, non-GMO seeds stored in an air tight, moisture proof bag, and is made in the USA. While our family hasn’t felt the need to store seeds ourselves, this could be a gift that a true survivalist would appreciate!

Gardening Gifts for Him

Gardening Gifts for Him

Are you looking for gifts for someone with a green thumb?

Growing your own food is one of the best ways to get local, seasonal, and organic food.

You know exactly what products were used or sprayed on the food!

And even if you have a small space like an apartment, there are so many great gifts for balcony or indoor gardening too!

Whether it be indoor or outdoor gardening, any of these gifts would be perfect!

Compost Bins Gifts for Him Idea

Compost Bin

One of the most important things for gardening is starting with good soil. There’s no better way to get great, organic soil than to produce it yourself! We recently purchased both an Algreen compost bin (pictured here, although we just bought one) as well as a Geobin (to collect browns during high volume times of the year like the fall). We are excited to make our own dirt better since our yard is mostly clay soil and isn’t well suited for a garden, yet!

Gardening Gloves Gifts for Him Idea

Gardening Gloves

If you are looking for a good pair of gardening gloves, I love my pair from Pine Tree. Made from bamboo, these gloves breathe really well and are perfect for gardening or yard work! They also feel light on your hands and allow for great dexterity!

Gardening Tools Gifts for Him Idea

Gardening Tools

For anyone who wants to do some outdoor gardening, this set of tools has all of the essentials that we use for gardening. Lightweight hand tools make it so easy to dig up small holes of dirt for plants, breaking up clay clunks (which we have tons of), mulching, and removing weeds!

Pruning Sheers Gifts for Him Idea

Pruning Sheers

And speaking of essential tools, a good pair of gardening shears is a must! We have two pairs of these Fiskar PowerGear pruning shears so that my husband and I can both prune at the same time! Use for pruning not only your garden, but all of your landscaping!

Kneeling Pad Gifts for Him Idea

Kneeling Pad

Regardless of if you have bad knees, kneeling pads are great for when you will be working on your knees for extended periods of time. I use mine all the time for gardening, but this kneeling pad could also be used for car work, house projects, or even for kneeling to give a baby a bath!

Soaker Hose Gifts for Him Idea

Soaker Hose

A soaker hose is a convenient way to moisten the ground for plants that like consistent wet ground every day. We wrapped this hose around some tomato and cucumber plants this past year, hooked it up with the water faucet timer below and everything seemed to do really well, even with our family being gone from our house for 4 weeks! Talk about hands off gardening!

Hose Timer Gifts for Him Idea

Hose Timer

Make watering your plants easy and hands off with a hose faucet timer to go with your soaker hose (pictured above). We purchased this Orbit timer to go with our soaker hose and it worked really well. We used it to help grow tomatoes and cucumbers this past summer and it was WONDERFUL to not have to worry about watering every day during the heat of summer.

Rain Barrel Gifts for Him Idea

Rain Barrel

Another great watering option for your garden is to collect rain water. Cut down on your watering bill while using a more natural water source! Choose an eco-friendly option like this one which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Hanging Garden Gifts for Him Idea

Indoor Vertical Garden

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t try gardening! Use a vertical hanging garden near a window to grow flowers, succulents, or plants that are known for cleaning your air. Or if you want to try growing some of your own food, pair with the seeds below to try growing herbs!

Garden Seeds Gifts for Him Idea

Seed Kits

For anyone just starting on their gardening adventure, starting with herbs can be an easy way to ease into gardening. These are organic, non-GMO seeds with high germination rates. Garden Republic also sells other fun growing kits like their spicy pepper kit and their herbal tea kit if you are looking for other fun seed kits to purchase!

Gifts for working out at home

Gifts for Him to Work Out at Home

With gyms closing down earlier this year, more people are finding themselves trying to workout from home!

Again, working out and sweating is a great way to detox your body as well as de-stress, making it an essential part of non-toxic living!

Our family loves working out from home in our basement since it allows our toddler to hang out with us.

When she gets bored, she can run off and play with her toys.

We currently use the MaxT3 program at home 3 days a week and LOVE IT!

It’s a high intensity workout program and it only takes about 20 minutes start to finish to complete the workouts.

They joke that it’s only 6 minutes of actual work, but let me tell you, it’s no joke!

I also love that it’s a program created by a group of chiropractors, so it really focuses on form to make sure you won’t get injured.

And if you haven’t worked out in a while don’t worry!

Each MaxT3 workout has someone demonstrating an easy, intermediate, and difficult version.

I’m even able to do this program while pregnant!

So if I can do it while pregnant, any beginner can!

I don’t sell or make any money off their program, I just wanted to share what has worked well for our family!!

And if the guy you are shopping for doesn’t like workout programs, any of this equipment will still make a nice workout setup!

Workout Shoes

Having a comfortable yet supportive pair of workout shoes is critical for working out at home. This allows you to jump, squat, and move with good foot and ankle support. My husband likes his Under Armor running shoes for working out in. My husband and I have a pair of indoor workout shoes that we never wear outside, keeping our floors clean while we workout!

Dumbbell Weights

Dumbbell Weights

Having a couple of common weight sizes like 5 and 10 pound weights are essential for anyone trying to workout from home. We have one set of weights like these with the solid cast iron, chrome plated handle that my husband really likes. The weights are rubber coated so that they will not damage your floors. We also have a couple sets of neoprene dumbbell weights.

Weighted Medicine Ball Gifts for Him Idea

Weighted Medicine Ball

Having a weighted medicine ball is another great tool for a home gym. My husband and I were first introduced to using one when we received a couple of free sessions with a personal trainer. She taught us how to do a weighted squat and toss to each other as well as passing the medicine ball off while doing Russian twists. There are plenty of exercises you can do by yourself with a medicine ball to add more variety to your workout routine!

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

My husband and I both have our own exercise balls. This is the one that my husband uses. If you are interested in the MaxT3 program, they use exercise balls to do moves like decline pushups and crunches.

Exercise Bands Gifts for Him Idea

Exercise Bands

And for our most used equipment in our home gym right now, we use our exercise bands A LOT! We love having the different weights and how these are very adjustable so that you can get a weight that is challenging for you (but not too hard!) to use for different moves. We use these a lot with the MaxT3 program. To get the most out of our exercise bands, we use them combined with the next few items on this list.

Exercise Band Grips

Exercise Band Grips

Since we wanted to have all of our exercise bands ready to use at the same time, we ordered these extra handles and have really liked them! This keeps us from having to constantly move around handles when we want to switch to different strength exercise bands.

Exercise Band Mounting Hooks

Exercise Band Mounting Points

Since we don’t have a pull-up bar (yet!), we mounted some of these wall hooks up really high on our basement walls so that we could kneel on the ground and work our arm muscles like we would be if we were doing pull-ups. We also have some mounted at waist height to do other arm exercises as well.

Exercise Band Rack Gifts for Him Idea

Exercise Band Rack

And what do we do with any miscellaneous exercise bands or handles that we have lying around? We hang them up on this rack! This helps keep our workout area neat and the floor free from clutter.

Trampoline Gifts for Him Idea


We have bought two of these now (one for us and one for my parents) and we all enjoy this small sized trampoline that is perfect for indoor use! If you have never heard of the health benefits of rebounding, you should look into it! Rebounding, or jumping on a trampoline, is a great and easy way to improve your health! From increased muscle tone to improved bone density to stimulating your lymphatic system to help detoxify your body, rebounding is amazing for your body!

Workout Mat Gifts for Him Idea

Workout Mat

Having a decently thick workout mat is so nice, especially if your floors aren’t carpeted. We have two workout mats so that my husband and I can both use one if we are doing lots of floor moves. These are also great for anyone doing yoga. And workout mats are nice for doing stretches on as well!

Massage Foam Roller

Massage Foam Roller

While I wouldn’t say that we have mastered using our foam roller yet, this is another great workout tool to have available. Massages rollers help loosen up and massage sore muscles. I personally use this one the most on my legs since I tend to have tight calf muscles, but you can use it to massage out any sore muscle!

Protein Powder Gifts for Him Idea

Protein Powder

Another great gift idea for anyone for loves to workout is protein powder! Protein powder makes it easy to whip up a quick post-workout smoothie or protein bites. Our family really likes this Certified Grass Fed Whey from Garden of Life. The grass fed certification means the cows are raised on small farms in Ireland and they are checked every 18 months to ensure the farmers adhere to best practices in animal welfare, sustainability, product quality, traceability, and soil and grass management.

Ice Pack Gifts for Him Idea

Ice Pack

And for those of us that workout so hard that we tend to get injured, having an ice pack ready in the freezer is essential! This Magicgel ice pack is a great size, especially for on your back. We have gone through a number of ice packs since most of them tend to start leaking, but this one has held up the longest for us without leaking!!

Gifts for the Man Who Loves Sports

Creative Gifts for the Man Who Loves Sports

Perhaps the guy you need some gifts for is really into sports!

While our family tries to limit our time in front of a television as part of our more natural living, I know many men love keeping up with their favorite teams, even if they aren’t spending time watching them on TV.

And perhaps you need sporting gifts for someone who likes to PLAY sports more than just watch them!

From sports team gifts to playing outdoor sports, here are some fun finds!

Steelers Football Rug - Sports Team Home Decor Gift Idea

Sports Team Home Decor

For a fun way to celebrate a favorite team, purchase a home decor item such as this floor rug for their favorite team! You can also look for mousepads, mugs, pot holders, towels, wall art, curtains, and even storage cubes with team brands!

Cowboys Flip Flops - Sports Team Apparel Gift Idea

Sports Team Apparel

From head to toe, you can find almost anything with a sports team logo on it. Hats, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, jerseys, pants, shorts, socks, and even flip flops like these can be purchased to help your man deck out in his favorite team’s logo.

Colts Leather Wallet - Sports Team Accessories Gift Idea

Sports Team Accessories

And don’t forget about every day accessories that can also be team branded. Just like the wallet pictured here, you could also look for a belt, scarf, gloves, cell phone case, or even a stainless steel travel mug with a team logo.

Cornhole Boards - Tailgating Games Gift Idea

Tailgating Games

For another fun gift idea, grab a game that is easy to pack that you can play if you like to go tailgating! Try a cornhole set like this one or another popular tailgating game like ladder toss or Kan Jam disc toss game

Bengals Football - Usable Sport Gift Ideas

Playable Sporting Team Gifts

Or for the best of both worlds, get him a sports team gift that he can actually use! Whether it be a football for his favorite NFL team or a baseball for his favorite MLB team, grab a gift that is branded that he can take outside to play with his buddies! Or for indoor games, look for a deck of cards or even something like NFL monopoly for a game to play while the big game is playing!

Frisbee Golf Starter Set - Outdoor games to play with his buddies gift ideas

Outdoor Sports to Play with His Buddies

For the guy who would rather be the one playing sports than watching them, perhaps a disc golf set would be a fun gift. If you live near a disc golf course, why not get a starter kit so that he can go play with his buddies! Or perhaps he really likes golf. Why not get him a pack of golf balls? If there’s an outdoor sport he enjoys playing, try to find a gift to accompany that hobby!

Bocce Ball Set - Outdoor Family Game Gift Ideas

Outdoor Family Games

There are also a ton of great outdoor game options that your whole family can enjoy! Growing up, we loved playing bocce ball (pictured), as well as croquet, jarts, and cornhole. More recent popular family games include Kan Jam as well as mega sized wood games such as jenga and dice that you can play outside.

Computer Gifts for Him

Home Office and Techy Gifts for Him

Or maybe your husband is a techy like mine!

This is a techy wish list straight from the biggest computer lover I know – my husband!

With our family working from home during the COVID pandemic, we have been upgrading our home office space.

All of these items are what we are using ourselves!

This is the perfect year to splurge on upgrading your home office to make working from home easier!

And if the guy you are buying for still goes into the office, some of these gifts will be great for him too!

Headphones Gifts for Him Idea


For anyone needing a good set of headphones, especially with so many people working from home and being on calls all day, my husband recommends these headphones. He says they are very comfortable and have good clarity and sound.

Keyboard and Mouse Gifts for Him Idea

Keyboard and/or Mouse

Having a more portable keyboard besides the one on your work laptop is so convenient when working from home. While this set is a wireless set, we have checked the EMF’s and they are very low. You can also get the Logitech MK200 set which is a wired keyboard and mouse if you would prefer that instead.

Computer Monitor Gifts for Him Idea

Computer Monitor

I know my husband is always excited when he thinks about upgrading his computer setup. One of those things is computer monitors! This is the most current monitor he bought since he got such a good deal on them for Prime day, but if you know a techy who spends a lot of time on their computer, a new computer monitor could be a great idea!

Desk Gifts for Him Idea

Sit/Stand Desk

While we haven’t pulled the trigger yet to purchase an electric standing desk, we have been shopping around for one for my husband to use now that he is pretty much working from home full-time. This one is the Amazon top pick for an electric standing desk, but we have been eyeing the IKEA IDASEN sit/stand desk and we also have some friends who purchased the Uplift Commerical V2 Sit/Stand desk, so definitely shop around if you are looking for a sit/stand desk!

Office Chair Gifts for Him Idea

Office Chair

With COVID bringing both my husband and I home to work, we found ourselves in need of another office chair. This chair has worked well for my husband so far!

Office Chair Mat Gifts for Him Idea

Office Chair Mat

Along with the chair above, we also purchased this floor protector mat since our office floor is carpeted. It makes it so much easier to move around in the chair!

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

My husband loves hard drives, so know that he has shopped around for the best deals. He says that this Seagate 5TB External hard drive is a great portable options with the best price per gigabyte of storage. Also, keep an eye out for deals around the holidays!

Home Network Storage

Home Network Storage

For anyone looking for storage for their NAS (Network Attached Storage), my husband highly recommends the Seagate IronWolf NAS Internal Hard Drives.  We keep all of our files backed up on these drives and he says they have been highly reliable and a great value.

PC SSD Upgrade

PC SSD Upgrade

And one last option for all of your storage needs, if you want to upgrade the storage on your personal PC (or possibly even your laptop), my husband recommends the Inland 512GB Internal SSD. Your disc operations are way faster with this SSD and will help speed up your computer.

Raspberry Pi Gifts for Him Idea

Raspberry Pi

No this is not a pie that you eat, but a small computer that is the size of a credit card. With so many neat things that you can program these things to do, it’s no wonder they are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to tinker with computers and programming. My husband has actually programmed one of these to turn our Wi-Fi on and off with the use of a relay and we can also manually control the Wi-Fi from switches or from any device on our local network (aka our phones and computers).

Laptop Backpack Gifts for Him Idea

Laptop Backpack

If you need a great, roomy laptop backpack that can fit all of your techy gadgets, try this one! You might be surprised that it is the Amazon Basics brand, but don’t knock it until you try it. My husband says it works great!

Tool Gift Ideas for Him

Tools for the Home Improvement Man

My husband has enjoyed requesting and receiving new tools for years now as Christmas gifts!

Tools have made for great Christmas gifts, especially after we purchased our first home.

Who knew you needed so many tools to maintain and fix things around the house?!

These are some of the best gifts we have received (and given) for anyone trying to do home improvement projects!

And yes, you will quickly notice that we are a Dewalt loving family!

My husband loves how you can have just a couple of batteries to swap between different tools.

But please note that if your husband doesn’t have Dewalt batteries, you will want to find the Dewalt tool that comes with batteries.

The only tool that includes batteries below is the cordless drill.

All that being said, my husband has been SUPER happy with his Dewalt tools!

Mechanics Tool Set

Mechanics Tool Set

When I asked my husband for his list of essential tools, the first thing he mentioned was a good ratchet set. Having a set with a variety of sizes is essential for all the odd ball sizes you will come across as a home owner!

Safety Work Gloves

Safety Work Gloves

Gloves are essential for anyone doing projects around their house. These Pine Tree tool gloves (same brand as the gardening gloves above) are a great lightweight work glove. And these gloves have level 5 cut resistance. This gives you great protection while still giving you plenty of dexterity.

Garage or Work Area Lights

Garage or Work Area Lights

If you are looking for a super ultra bright LED garage light, this one with 6000 lumens will do it! The first time my husband turned this on I had to shield my eyes! It has adjustable lights and offers 360 degree lighting, perfect for lighting up a larger space.

Cordless Drill Gifts for Him Idea

Cordless Drill

It was a constant joke after my husband got his drill that he would walk around looking for things to hang up just so he could hear the whirl of his new drill! But over the years, we have heard the whirl of this drill plenty! Our drill has been used for a host of different house projects and has performed really well!

Cordless Blower Gifts for Him Idea

Cordless Blower

You might be surprised to learn that our toddler is the biggest fan of our cordless leaf blower. Why? Because she is able to help daddy use it! Each time my husband mows, our daughter watches for my husband to finish mowing. Then she loves to run out and help blow all the grass off the driveway and back patio. I was personally very surprised with how easy and LIGHT this leaf blower was to use! So this tool is approved by everyone in our household!

Cordless String Trimmer Gifts for Him Idea

Cordless String Trimmer

Another great cordless tool for any home owner is a cordless string strimmer. Again, it is light and easy to use! My husband uses this several times throughout the mowing season to trim near our stone wall and our neighbor’s fence. He also uses it to edge the driveway and sidewalk.

Jig Saw Tool Gifts for Him Idea

Jig Saw Tool

A less common tool that is still fun for any guy to own is a jig saw tool. My husband most recently used this to make cornhole boards for a surprise birthday present for my dad!

Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum

Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum

Do you know a guy who loves to keep his cars cleaned out? This smaller portable vacuum is PERFECT for that! Since this vacuum is so lightweight and easy to use, it’s great for vacuuming in hard to reach places or wherever a hand held vacuum is required. We have even used this for vacuuming the stairs since lugging our big Dyson vacuum up and down the stairs is no fun!

Shop Vac Gifts for Him Idea

Shop Vac

For a medium sized shop vacuum, we really like our 4 gallon Craftsman shop vac! And yes, we have unfortunately had to use this to vacuum up water in our basement, BUT at least it worked well for the job! This one is still pretty easy to get around, but isn’t nearly as light as the Dewalt one above.

Dremel Gifts for Him Idea


Another fun tool that isn’t used quite as frequently but is still fun for a guy to have is a Dremel. This tool can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and plastics. It comes with a variety of attachments, allowing you to do a variety of tasks such as cutting, grinding, sharpening, etching, engraving, and more! So many things you can do with this small handheld tool!

Compressor Gifts for Him Idea


One of the new setups we have in our garage that is very convenient is a compressor with a mounted hose reel (next item listed). It makes it so easy to fill car and bike tires as well as quickly clean up messes in the garage or clean off tools (like after mowing). My husband highly recommends pairing it with a hose reel like the one below to make for an easy to use setup!

Compressor Hose Reel

Compressor Hose Reel

As just mentioned, a mounted compressor hose reel makes it so convenient and easy to use your compressor! You can also get retractable hose reels, but we went the cheaper route and got one that you hand reel. But if you are looking to splurge, check out a retractable option!

Gift ideas for the Cook

Non-Toxic Gifts for the Cook

The kitchen isn’t just a place for women!

I know many men who are the ones crafting new recipes in the kitchen.

In the past year, we have been upgrading a lot of our appliances and kitchen tools to move from non-stick options (which can be toxic), to healthier options.

Most of the items we have switched to actually perform better than what we had previously!

Maybe one of these non-toxic kitchen gifts would be the perfect gift for him!

Countertop Oven Gifts for Him Idea

Countertop Oven

This was the appliance we never knew we needed until we had it. Now, not a day goes by that we don’t use our toaster oven to reheat something! My husband uses this toaster oven practically every morning to thaw and heat chocolate muffins that I have previously made and frozen. This Breville toaster oven has so many convenient functions and is wonderful in the summer. Then you don’t heat up the house by turning on your large kitchen oven! Instead you can use the toaster oven to make a small 9×9 casserole dish or bake something.

Ceramic Pancake Griddle

Ceramic Pancake Griddle

Most pancake griddles use a toxic Teflon coating for a non-stick surface; however, Teflon coatings can release a dangerous gas at high temperatures and have been linked to cancer, tumors, and reduced fertility. This is obviously not something we want hanging around in our kitchen! This griddle from Presto uses a textured ceramic cooktop for a non-stick surface. We have this griddle and it is AMAZING how well this truly works! We love our ceramic griddle and HIGHLY recommend it for any other pancake loving families!

Ceramic Waffle Iron

Ceramic Waffle Iron

And it’s not just pancake griddles that have gotten a ceramic makeover! You can also find Belgian waffle makers that are ceramic coated instead of Teflon coated. Once again, our family owns this one from Presto and we LOVE it! I make a lot of test recipes in the kitchen and not a single one of them has stuck to the waffle maker yet (and I have thrown some really odd batters at it!).

Flipping Silicone Spatulas

Flipping Silicone Spatulas

To go along with that ceramic pancake griddle above, consider getting some silicone spatulas to replace any Teflon coated spatulas you might have. These spatulas can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F and make for perfect pancake flipping!

Scraping Silicone Spatula Set

Silicone Spatula Set

I recently received this set of silicone spatulas, and while the egg separator is junk, the rest of the set is great! I love having the silicone whisk for my daughter to help me cook in the kitchen! This was the best priced silicone set I could find, but watch for other deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

If you are looking for a sturdy set of cooling racks, this set is really nice! Made with 100% stainless steel and not coated with any toxic coatings, these cooling racks are dishwasher safe and rust resistant.

Silicone Muffin Pans

Silicone Muffin Pans

I also recently received this set of silicone muffin pans and cups and they are GREAT! Nothing sticks to them! I have made tons of muffins in these pans and they come right out. I also made our daughters birthday cupcakes in the colorful cupcake cups and not only did she love the bright colors, the cupcakes also came right out!

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

We absolutely love our Calphalon Classic pots and pans set. As part of our goal to live a more non-toxic lifestyle, Teflon coated non-stick pans were out. While no set of pans is 100% non-toxic, our family is comfortable with using stainless steel pots and pans. Some people are concerned about it leaching aluminum, but the aluminum is in the core, it’s not in the cook surface. Other folks are worried about stainless steel leaching other metals like nickel or chromium. This is why I think it’s valuable to invest in a well made, high quality, USA produced set of pots and pans when it comes to stainless steel. For our family, Calphalon meets all of those requirements and so far we love the performance of our Calphalon pans.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

For a while I had no idea how to use my cast iron skillet except for when we were camping. However, my brother-in-law recently made an amazing fritata in his on the stove top and suddenly my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities of cooking with cast iron. Cast iron is a safe, non-toxic material to make your food in!

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board from the Obsessive Chef is a really fun holiday gift. If you know a nerd that also loves to cook, this cutting board gives cutting guidelines down to a 1/16″ size! You can also get a set of organic bamboo cutting boards if you want a variety of sizes!

Glass Storage Containers

Glass Storage Containers

Glass storage containers are a great non-toxic gift for storing leftovers. These containers are also great for reheating leftovers since they can go in the oven! However, beware that some glass containers that are sold cheaper online actually say that they are not for use in the oven. This is a deal breaker for me since I love taking leftovers from the fridge and popping them into the oven in the same container – I love to save on dirty dishes whenever possible!

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws are a great way to reduce your use of plastics! We have both the smoothie straws shown in the picture as well as a set of regular straws. They have worked really well for us and our toddler! We also love that the sets come with a straw brush to make cleaning them a breeze!

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you haven’t tried an anti-fatigue mat before, they are SO nice! They work great for anywhere you are going to be standing a long time. We use ours in the kitchen (we have 2!), but if you know a guy who stands a lot at a work bench, this could also be a great mat for that!

Unique game gifts for him

Unique Board and Card Game Gifts for Him

In our family, we LOVE playing games.

Granted sometimes we get a little TOO competitive, but we all enjoy having a new board or card game to try, even if we aren’t the winner!

Here are some of our family favorites that are more unique or you might not have heard of before.

We can tell you from experience that they are GREAT games and would make for excellent gifts!

7 Wonders Game Gifts for Him Idea

7 Wonders

This is probably our new favorite strategy game! There are so many different twists with this game and the same strategy doesn’t always guarantee a win. You also have to be aware of what your neighbors have and play off their boards too! And if you need a game for two, check out the 7 Wonders Duel version!

Splendor Game Gifts for Him Idea


Another one of my husband’s favorite strategy games is Splendor. We have played this game countless times and still enjoy it! Use gems to buy cards and be the first to 15 points. This is a great 2-4 person game! For added fun, check out the Splendor: City of Splendor Expansion!

Ticket to Ride Game Gifts for Him Idea

Ticket to Ride

Quite possible MY favorite game, this is another great strategy game. Try to connect the cities on your ticket cards through a variety of paths while strategically blocking others and trying to complete bonus routes. This game is perfect for up to 5 players! You can also get this game in a variety of other versions such as Ticket to Ride Europe and Ticket to Ride Asia.

Catan Game Gifts for Him Idea


This game has been around for a while but is so good if you have never played it! Gain resources through rolling dice and build until you have enough victory points to win! While the original game is for up to 4 players, there is an expansion pack so that you can play with up to 6 players. There are also numerous expansions and other editions of the game you can try!

Spy Alley Game Gifts for Him Idea

Spy Alley

For a fun game of mystery, check out Spy Alley! A friend gave this to my husband for a birthday gift and we have had a fun time playing this one! Keep your identity a secret while trying to uncover everyone else and make it to your embassy once you have everything you need for your secret identity! A fun game for up to 6 players!

Azul Game Gifts for Him Idea


Azul is a fun game for up to 4 players. Strategically select tiles to score the most points! Just beware that your choices can also help your opponents, so choose each move carefully!

Quixx Game Gifts for Him Idea


For a fast paced dice game that takes a little strategy (but not too much), check out Quixx! My husband and I frequently play this after putting our toddler to bed since it’s easy to fit in a round even when you are tired.

Castles of Burgundy Game Gifts for Him Idea

Castles of Burgundy

Castles of Burgundy is one of our favorite card games. This is a high strategy game where you are trying to gain the most victory points before time runs out. With only 5 rounds and 6 moves each round, you have to plan wisely or else you will run out of time to do everything you want!

Exploding Kittens Game Gifts for Him Idea

Exploding Kittens

While the name might sound a little bizarre, this is a fun card game to play with up to 5 people (or 10 with the Party Pack version). The goal is simple – be the last person alive by surviving the exploding kittens. With hilarious cards and so many different expansion packs available, this is a great game and is easy to pack for trips. Check out Imploding Kittens or Streaking Kittens for fun expansions!

personal care gifts for him

Non-Toxic Personal Care Gifts for Him

In part of our family’s goal for a more non-toxic lifestyle, our personal care items have been totally changed!

The EWG website is a great resource to find non-toxic brands.

On their website, you can type any personal care product into their database and it will break down the ingredients for you.

This helps you see if there is anything toxic lurking in the product’s ingredient list.

They also have a great app where you can just scan product barcodes.

This makes it easy to quickly check products while you are shopping in stores.

Here are some of the brands that my husband uses (although there are MANY more non-toxic choices out there!).

Bull Dog Personal Care Gifts for Him Idea

Bulldog Mens Skincare

In looking for a new face wash, my husband has come to like the Bulldog face wash. It has a ranking of 2 on the EWG website. Bulldog makes other products as well but they do have higher rankings on the EWG website, so be careful about which products you are purchasing.

Andalou Personal Care Gifts for Him Idea

Andalou Naturals Face Lotion

Andalou Naturals makes some great men’s products. My husband uses their face lotion which has a 2 ranking on the EWG website. Just as with Bulldog products, some of Andalou’s products score higher on the EWG website so verify with their website before you buy. Other low ranking products by Andalou include their Men’s Grooming Style Balm, Men’s Cooling Post Shave, and their Men’s fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner 3 in 1 (these all have an EWG ranking of 2 as well).

Schmidt's Deodorant Personal Care Gifts for Him Idea

Schmidt’s Deodorant

My husband has switched to the Schmidt’s Cedarwood + Juniper deodorant and likes its performance. This particular scent has a ranking of 1 on the EWG website. Schmidt’s has a ton of other scents (and also has more feminine scents). Just be aware that some of their scents have up to a 3 ranking on the EWG website, but there are many options that score a 1! They even offer a fragrance free deodorant!

Dr. Bronner's Organic Castile Soap Bars

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap Bars

For a great organic bar of soap, try Dr. Bronner’s bars of pure castile soap. These bars of soap have a 1 rating on the EWG website. You can also buy these bars with scents as well (our family just prefers the unscented bars). These bars suds up really well and can be used for body wash in the shower or for hand washing at a sink. We use these all over our house. This is also what we use to wash our toddler if you are looking for a gentle soap for your kiddos! Dr. Bronner’s also sells liquid soap if you want to fill up pump bottles or make your own foaming soap.

Everyone's Hand Soap

Everyone’s Hand Soap

For a nicely scented natural hand soap, try the Everyone’s brand. We also use this brand for our shampoo right now! They have a lot of great smelling soaps without the use of “fragrances” (I cover why you should avoid fragrances in my DIY foaming hand soap post). All of their hand soaps are EWG verified which is the best ranking that you can get on their website. Our favorite scent is Meyer Lemon + Mandarin, but there are lots of other great scents!

Electric Razor Personal Care Gifts for Him Idea

Electric Razor

My husband’s favorite electric razor is the Philips Norelco Shaver shown here. An electric shaver is a great gift for men, especially if they have little kids and don’t have time for a fancy shaving kit (which also make great gifts for men as well!).

Waterpik Gifts for Him Idea

Waterpik Water Flosser

While we haven’t gotten to use ours yet, we just purchased this Waterpik flosser. We bought ours for a great deal on Prime day! This personal care product was recommended by our holistic dentist and we are excited to start using it!

Travel Size Personal Care Product Containers

Travel Size Personal Care Silicone Bottles

These travel sized personal care bottles have come in so handy to pack hand soap in our diaper bag as well as to pack shampoo, conditioner, and even dish soap when traveling. If you know anyone who travels a lot, these are a great set! However, while these work really well for thick products, for thinner products, a lot can come out at one time if you aren’t careful!

non-toxic clothing brands for him

Non-Toxic Clothing Gifts for Him

Clothing is another area where we have been slowly transforming to more non-toxic/eco-friendly choices as part of our Christmas and birthday wish lists.

While I have a whole list of brands for kids, there are just two brands so far that we have purchased for my husband that we love.


Pact makes great organic clothing for the WHOLE family.

You can read my full Pact clothing review of what we have purchased and loved!

From sweatpants to v-neck shirts, my husband has really enjoyed all of his Pact brand clothing!


If you are looking for non-toxic sunwear, Tuga is a GREAT brand!

Tuga makes eco-friendly sunwear to protect your skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

Our family does not use sunscreen, so instead we use two tactics to prevent burns.

We heavily rely on avoiding the sun at peak UV index times.

And we wear Tugawear when we are having fun in the sun!

Each of us has at least one item from Tuga and we all really like them!

Tuga sunwear makes for great gifts for anyone who burns easily!

sleeping gifts for him

Gifts for Him to Get Better Sleep

Do you know anyone struggling to get restful sleep at night?

These days, it seems like it’s very common to ask someone “how are you?” and to hear “fine, but tired.”

Sleep deprivation plagues near 40% of Americans!

If you need a gift for someone who isn’t getting good, restorative sleep, consider one of these gifts for him!

Blackout Shades Gifts for Him Idea

Blackout Shades

Hands down the best thing we have done to improve the sleeping conditions in all of our bedrooms is install blackout shades. We purchased Allen + Roth cellular shades from Lowes that are essentially the same as this shade from Chicology. Our bedroom and our guest room have a street light right outside the window. And our daughter’s room catches the morning sun. Everyone sleeps SO MUCH BETTER with blackout shades!!

Noise Machine Gifts for Him Idea

Noise Machine

If you live in areas with lots of noise, perhaps a noise machine would help you get better sleep! Noise machines can block out random noises, helping you sleep through noises like late night fireworks or the early morning garage truck. We love this noise machine so much that we have two of them! This noise machine can run off of battery power or a plug-in cord, making it great for traveling!

Organic Sheets Gifts for Him Idea

Organic Sheets

We have switched all of the bedding in our house over to organic cotton sheets. We have purchased multiple sets of these organic cotton sheets by BIOWEAVES. This brand has worked pretty well for us, although we had a little piling (we think it’s our fault and not the manufacturer). We also recently purchased organic cotton sheets from Columbia and so far we like them really well too!

Weighted Blanket Gifts for Him Idea

Weighted Blanket

We recently purchased this weighted blanket and it has been really interesting to use so far! Lots of people use weighted blankets to help them get better sleep. The only thing we find annoying is that the blanket doesn’t fully cover our bed from side to side, so there are blanket wars in the night, haha!

Organic Sleep Mask Gifts for Him Idea

Organic Sleep Mask

For anyone who can’t install blackout curtains or if you travel a lot, try a blackout sleep mask instead! In college, I could only sleep if I was wearing my sleep mask! This mask is 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. You can also find 100% organic silk options as well, depending on what type of material you think would be most comfortable!

Blue and Green Light Blocking Glasses

Blue and Green Light Blocking Glasses

Did you know that certain wavelengths of light prevent your body from making melatonin? These glasses will block 99.82% of sleep disruptive light in that critical range of 450-510 nm. If you can’t avoid being on electronics late at night, these glasses can help keep your body’s natural rhythms in sync so that you can still get great sleep! Another measure you can take is to turn off the blue light on your electronics. Most electronics offer this feature as part of their “Night Light” setting. I personally have it set to be on all day on my cell phone.

Air Purifier Gifts for Him Idea

Air Purifier

Do allergies or a stuffy nose bother the guy you need a gift for? Perhaps he would benefit from an air purifier! We purchased two of these Levoit air purifiers (for our bedroom and our daughter’s room). They run very quietly and you can shut off the display so that it doesn’t emit any light at night. We do have to change the air filters about twice a year, but not a bad investment for cleaner breathing air!

EMF Reducing Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him to Reduce EMF’s

Yep, we are some of those crazy people that try to lower our exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) whenever possible.

To read more about what EMF’s are and why you might want to reduce them, check out Lloyd Burrell’s EMF scientific research page (his whole website is dedicated to information about EMF’s) or read EMF Exposure by the Wellness Mama.

We purchased an EMF meter (listed below), and then started making changes around our house to reduce our exposure.

This includes turning our Wi-Fi off at night, hard-lining our electronics, and using ethernet cords for our phones so that we can keep our cellular data off as much as possible.

These are some of the top gifts that have helped us reduce our EMF exposure!


Trifield EMF Meter

Electromagnetic Radiation Meter

For anyone who wants to eliminate EMF’s in their home, having a Trifield meter is going to REALLY help. For a full review of the Trifield meter, check out this Trifield review with videos by Lloyd Burrell. Basically, you can take this meter around your whole home to test for radiation. This meter tests for different EMF levels of magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio frequency radiation. By using this meter, you can test for radiation in your bedrooms (it’s especially interesting to place this meter on everyone’s pillows to see if radiation could be affecting your sleep!), in your home office, near large appliances in your kitchen, and your cell phones. It’s a very interesting EMF tool that you can do a lot of investigative work with!

Dirty Electricity Meter

Dirty Electricity Meter

One other form of EMF’s that is worth checking your home for is dirty electricity. For a complete run through on what dirty electricity is and what to do about it, check out this complete dirty electricity guide by Christian Thomas. We were surprised to plug this meter into one of the sockets in an upstairs bedroom and hear a person talking over our home wiring. Turns out we have a harmonics issue and their is a huge radio station tower near our home.

iPhone Ethernet Adaptor Gifts for Him Idea

iPhone Ethernet Adaptor

If you are looking to reduce your need for Wi-Fi at home, you might be interested in an Ethernet power adaptor. This adaptor allows you to charge your phone and get internet to it through a hard line connection. My husband has been able to install one of these in our kitchen, office, and even ran wiring up to our bedroom (from the switch listed below). This allows us to have internet on our phones even when the Wi-Fi is turned off.

Router Gifts for Him Idea


Once again, if you are looking to reduce the Wi-Fi in your home, you should consider changing your router. Most routers have built in Wi-Fi. We have this Ubiquiti EgdeRouter X and my husband says it is reliable and has performed well. Consider pairing it with the switch below to increase the number of hard line connections you can make to it.

Switch Gifts for Him Idea


As I just mentioned with the router, if you want to increase the number of ports off your router, consider something like this 24 port Unifi switch. This is the one that we have, but my husband does wish that we had the Ubiquiti Unifi switch with POE for devices that can take Power Over Ethernet.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Gifts for Him Idea

Himalayan Salt Lamp

You might be wondering what a salt lamp is doing on the list of things to reduce your EMF exposure. Aren’t they just pretty lights? Well there’s actually more to them than their glowing lights! Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the air which can help counteract some of the radiation being emitted by your electrical devices. We use this salt lamp in our office which is where we have the most electrical devices in our home.


You have come to the end of the list of gifts for him!

Did any of these gift ideas help you think of gifts for him?

I hope so!

Finding gifts for him can be hard, but finding the perfect gift makes it all worth it!

Happy shopping!

100 Gift for Him Ideas 2020

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